Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys

well i felt like coming back
i'm just cutting down on my fb time :)

how is everyone doing today :)

well i signed up for Blogtv
so like now you guys can like send me links or shit
and ill subscribe you
not sure if im gonna do videos on it
my cam is pretty shit
but i'll prob do one in the week
like on my mums comp or something
so like yeah
tune in i guess hahaha
my link is i think
just double check it
any whos

im feeling better
bit different
in the way that i trust limited people .

stay tuned kay guys
cause im gonna try and make more posts
after this one is a post about my current music
stuff to check out
i'm just going back to my blogging roots :)

i actually hope i have readers :S
well i love everyone who supports me

keep updated <3

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