Tuesday, March 29, 2011

idk why

my heart is breaking even more now
and i dont know why ><"
Him is now going out with someone
who i will not name
i open my facebook
and the first thing that comes out is the change in relationship status ><"
idk why im so hurt
i gave up on him
i got over it
and shit like that
maybe i held on a bit
so much shit has happened
it just seems like things get worse and worse
i wanna get a way
i freaking cant wait to go away for 5 days
2 more weeks
but i cant stand this anymore
i loved him so much
then we stopped being friends
and now he is going out
with someone i knew he kinda liked
when he denied it
and then its someone i dont even like
like its someone i've had history with
i'm hurting
and theres noone to talk to but you guys
i fucking hate myself for feeling hurt
i seriously wanna get away
from all these people


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that is a bit stalkerish?

Anonymous said...

Sebastian hates you