Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Question Time

well i got a question the other day by an unknown person, it said this;

"hey Louise, just wondering, how did you get over HIM so quickly? xo"

well i thought i'll answer it in a post since i havent written in a while

well its quite simple
i saw this side of him that i hadnt seen before
like his try hard
big guy act
and i didnt like it
it was a turn off i guess
you see
when a person likes a person
you see them for all the positive and not a lot of negatives
but once i started wanting to get over him
i tried to focus my energy on the negative
which then i saw him talk and act in a horrible way
and unfortunately i didnt like it
and therefore started my healing process
then it seemed like he got involved in fights and arguements
that didnt concern me
but concerned my friend
and it hurt me see him be so cruel
and bringing people into it it
some being my friends
so yeah
i just focused on why i shouldnt like him
and im pretty happy now :)

i hope that answer was helpful
keep the questions coming :)
i love getting feedback off you guys
i'll write again soon

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