Wednesday, March 30, 2011


hey guys,

i just stopped by to ask you all to subscribe to my brother, Mr. Raf

if you havent already LOL

i have started this promotion thing

where if you subscribe to him

i will personally thank you on my blogger account and also on my next blogtv broadcast

all you have to so is;

1. go to the link given here (


3. Message me your youtube username, here or on any of my other sites

4. Make sure to leave me the name you want me to mention (and i will add you to my list)

5. Keep an eye on my tumblr, blogger and blogtv channel

for you personal thankyou

i know its not a lot

but yeah please support :)

Thankyou to the people who have already subscribed

i will write the post soon :)

have a good day everyone


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