Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Trusty OLD Laptop

i'm here chilling in my sisters room
with my old old OLD laptop
it still works
and yeah i can go on the internet
but i cant wait till i save up for a new laptop
yeah i have a computer already and then i have this laptop
but i want a new one
for like when i go to school
and when i dont wanna use my computer
and also to carry more stuff on since my current computer
and external hardrive
is already full ><"
not completely but nearly
im in the process of getting more space
just organising more ><"
anyways, i guess i can deal with this one
just i usually use it for games
and emergency if the comp is doing something and i cant use it
and the other laptops are in use
i cant wait to get a job
and can buy a new phone
and new laptop
and yeah :)
anyways im just trying to figure out what to do atm
the sister goes back to school tomorrow
and the other sister and the rents are working
and i bet anything that the bro is going out
he is in the process of making a new video
well yeahhh
i'll write again soon
hope you're all happy and smiling
whereever you are :):)
have a great day ALL

Monday, April 25, 2011


im not gonna lie to you
right now, well these days
i feel so alone
not in the sense that i do have friends and my family
i mean in the way that i dont have the one special person in my life
and granted im a bit jealous of everyone who has that
i want to go into the future
and be with my perfect guy
the one i spend the rest of my life with
cause you know what
waiting sucks
how do you know someone is right for you
does our hearts have to keep breaking to find them
do we have to go through such pain and embarassment
do we need to suffer for it
ive been through a lot
like a few guys
got hurt A LOT
and yet here i am STILL alone
i just dont know if im strong enough to keep waiting
i cant keep building myself again and again
after my heart breaks
just so someone new can break it
cause in the end
i might not have one
idk guys
well ima go bed now
i hope none of you are feeling like i am
i hope you're all smiling and happy :)
keep smiling

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why do we like particular musicians?

this morning my younger sister was flipping through the channels on tv
and came upon a tv special about taylor swift
and right now im like in love with her music
and i find her amazing
my sister then asked me why i find her so amazing
and at that moment i realised i didnt have an answer
i thought about it for a while
and thought, why do we have to have a good reason to like and particular musician
i compared this question to boys
as in do we really have to have a good reason why we like a boy
like come on
its alwys gonna be the same thing
"he's funny, sweet, cute and smart"
it never really changes
so i guess those arent good reasons
if we can like a guy with no reason
why cant we do the same thing with musicians
unlike my sister
when i like an artist
i usually cant explain why
but she can when she likes one
like with boys
we are reeled into liking them
theres just something about them that make us like them
i dont exactly know why
whats a good reason anyways
like how do we know if its a good reason
why cant we just say someone is amazing
by the end of the day
which is like now
i came up with a reason on why i love taylor swift
it took alot of thought
but this is what i came up with
i like taylor swift
cause she is a dreamer
she believes in fairytales
and special loves
if you know me ALOT
and i bet you do
the comparison is awesome
i guess im a dreamer too
her lyrics really speak to me
i can feel what she feels
but i still stick to what i said
why do we need a good reason?
its like whay do we need a good reason for anything?

Saturday, April 23, 2011



i have a live broadcast in 10 minutes :)

come join in the chat


Hello Internet

well my internet is back
which means i can write more again
not much has happenned lately
my friend just got back from the hospital a couple of days ago
and me and M.C went to go see her at her house yesterday
it was pretty good seeing her
she is so strong
like she goes through so much
and she still manages to smile
its so inspiring
well her, her boyfriend, me and M.C were like full having the maddest talk about shit
it was really good

i finished watching season 7 of Full House
which kinda bums me out
cause now im almost finished GRRRRRRR
but thats okay i guess
i borrowed and copied A.C's dvds of So Little Time
its kinda good
its with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
so im like watching that atm
cause im waiting for season 8 finishes downloading
which will prob be tomorrow
i only download major things at night
so it doesnt effect the daytime data
cause then the fam get way annoyed
but my dad just told me
that my mum hasnt even paid for the bill yet
so if we dont do it soon
they will cut our net
damn mum

i dont know why i get so pissed at her
whenever she tells me to do something
i get so mad
i cant be normal around her
i guesss it just got more worse from our problem before
i mentioned them in past posts if you wanna read them
i love my dad though
i know its wrong to play favorites
but its true
i seem to love my dad more
but he works a lot
so i dont see him as much as i would like

there was a party today
that i got invited to
but decided not to go
like i love my friend
whose birthday party it is
but their friends is like all the people
who dont like me
and kinda made me feel like shit for a while
so i feel its best i stay home
i'm pretty comfortable here anyways LOL
gonna watch some tv shows LOL

Happy Birthday to my friend
and sorry i wont be at your party
i still love ya though :)

its like long weekend atm
which doesnt really make a difference to me
cause like i am on holiday everyday LOL

before i sign off just wanted to tell you all
i'm doing a live broadcast tonight
its gonna be awesome
i have lots to promote and talk about
and i have a few things i wanna show you guys :)
i have updates on the wall decoration promotion
and so on so come and see it :)
so like come along on my blogtv site which is linked in the sidebar
under the subtitle "web surfing"
its on at 12am if you're in Sydney, Queensland & Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
and be sure to check the website if you are from elsewhere :)
the more the merrier
come chat
say hello
make a new friend

well im gonna leave it there
i hope you're all happy where ever you are
and having a wonderful day
i will write again tomorrow for more promotions :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


well i havent written in a while Confused smile

my internet limit renews on saturday

which means i can write more again

until then

heres a little update

i went on the trip with my family

with was okay

boring a bit and then fun


and im feeling better about a lot of things

i miss writing and doing covers

so hopefully i will be doing more soon

i’m gonna do live chats soon

and yeah Smile

miss you guys Smile


Monday, April 4, 2011

i’m Growing UP

theres lots i want to say in this post but lets start off with the main topic

this year i turned 18, which is kinda a big thing.

i’m getting new hobbies and doing new things

and as im growing up, i want and NEED more privacy

as you may not know

my bedroom is actually the entertainment room upstairs

i moved into this room when i was in the 8th grade

i didnt want to share a room with my little sister anymore

and so i moved rooms

when i first moved in it was fine that i didnt have a wall or whatever

and then i built my own wall

with book shelves and wardrobes

but today, i feel i need more privacy

i want a room with a DOOR

yes my room of course doesnt have a door

i want a room that has 4 walls, a roof and a door

i want an actual room

where people have to knock

where people dont watch you sleep

or see whats in your room whenever they go past to go the bathroom

i want a room that is cosy and will be mine

but of course i wont get that ><”

theres no rooms left in this house

and i know no-one is gonna wanna trade with me

since like i will take all my furniture with me

it sucks

the fam say that when my bro moves out i’ll get a room

but when will that be

i want a room now ><”

i dont any of my siblings to have a room without a door like i do

but i dont like their jokes

and i want my privacy

i dont like that they can just walk in

just cause i dont have a door

that they wont let me be a lone

when i want

it really sucks

im older now

and i need more privacy

more confidence to be able to record my live broadcasts

and record my vlogs

i need to be able to hide the content of my room

instead of everyone being able to see it

i hate when my siblings friends can see my room whenever they come over

i hate that they think they can just touch anything cause its in the open

i hate it so much

i know im being stupid

but i want to be able to have so sort of life of my own

in my own room


i want to be able to close the door at night and not have to worry that noises in the morning will wake me up

like my parents getting ready for work

and the sister getting ready for work

or any of them watching tv and laughing or yelling


i guess up until now i never thought it was important

but to me now it is ><”


my final message is

im cutting down my internet time

cause my internet data is running out fast

so im gonna cut down till it comes back

so yeah

i’ll try and write as much as i can

and video and stuff

but yeahhhh

i dont wanna get in trouble for using all the internet

love you all

thanks for dealing with my drama