Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Trusty OLD Laptop

i'm here chilling in my sisters room
with my old old OLD laptop
it still works
and yeah i can go on the internet
but i cant wait till i save up for a new laptop
yeah i have a computer already and then i have this laptop
but i want a new one
for like when i go to school
and when i dont wanna use my computer
and also to carry more stuff on since my current computer
and external hardrive
is already full ><"
not completely but nearly
im in the process of getting more space
just organising more ><"
anyways, i guess i can deal with this one
just i usually use it for games
and emergency if the comp is doing something and i cant use it
and the other laptops are in use
i cant wait to get a job
and can buy a new phone
and new laptop
and yeah :)
anyways im just trying to figure out what to do atm
the sister goes back to school tomorrow
and the other sister and the rents are working
and i bet anything that the bro is going out
he is in the process of making a new video
well yeahhh
i'll write again soon
hope you're all happy and smiling
whereever you are :):)
have a great day ALL

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