Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OHMYGOSH feels like forever

i havent wrote in this for so damn long

how are yall?

i’ve been quite busy actually

you see….

i do volunteer work at this primary school near my house

i’m there for like 4 hours a day

for 3 days a week

so by the time i go home

i’m tired

and just wanna watch tv LOL

i tweet alot though

so if you wanna check what going on with me

just go on my twitter

which is linked on the side


theres not much interesting going on with me

just been volunteering

which is really fun

i wish i can continue to do it after my hours

but i cant cause hopefully but next month

i’ll be accepted into TAFE

to do childcare

which i really exciting

i wish there was something interesting to say

but there really isnt

ohhhh there is a couple of things i wanted to mention

on my Ustream a few events have been set

and some videos from past things

1. i’m decorating my friends room

we’re on break for a while

but once she’s on break from her uni

we’re gonna continue

2. concert in june

so far not much is going on

we havent planned much

we’re hosting it here at my house

and it’ll be ustream live some time in june or july

a idea for a date is the 18th

but we’re still discussing

anyways other than that

i got not much …

keep an eye on all my websites for more stuff

love yall heaps

be happy guys



Anonymous said...

Hey I'm just wondering about the post you did before about not having a proper room and not being able to have any privacy. Do you have a door for your room yet or.......?

Anonymous said...

hey i always read your blog, and its doing my head in, cos i just cant get it out of my head.. but,


Anonymous said...

Hey, i've been reading your blog and a well dedicated fan. You write some really amazing stuff and I was wondering the least I can do as a fan is donate a door, get back to me if you want one x