Thursday, June 30, 2011

17th June 2011 PART 2

being friends with someone you used to like?
will it be just as good after than it was when you liked them
or was it only good and fun cause of the feelings?
this is one of the questions that depend on the person
like i was talking to my sister
and she brought up something about a guy she used to like
she wants to be friends with him again
cause they were good friends
and i was like are you sure it was good
or was it like only good cause you liked him ?
like the mind can play great tricks on a person
and can make stuff up in your head
and so thats what i was thinking
cause as you all know
i was really good friends with someone
who i ended up liking
and now we dont talk anymore
and in some ways i miss his friendship
but sometimes i think i only liked it so much because of how i felt
but because i dont like him anymore
maybe our friendship would be just awkward
and meaningless
i guess its one of those situation that is determined on whether
you were friends with the other person before or after you started liking them
like i was friends with this guy before i liked him
but i kinda felt that we became closer after i started liking him
which was really confusing and yeah
so i still ask the question..
can you be friends with someone you had a thing for ?
or will it just be awkward ?
was it only a good friendship cause of the feelings?
let me know guys :)

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