Thursday, June 30, 2011

17th June 2011

guys have short attention spans...
in a sense..
i've been talking to my sister
and i came up with this kind of observation
think about guys or girls who wait for guys or girls...
like when a guy likes a girl
and the girl isnt ready to commit
and so the guy says he will wait for her to be ready
its kinda the same reversed...
but i feel something different
if it was a girl waiting but more on that later...
i dont mean that guys are stupid thats why they have short attention spans
what i mean by that statement is that in this situation
guys would wait for the girl to be ready
and if they really like the girl
they will wait as long as they have to
but what if they meet another girl
while waiting
one that is so compatible with them
and wants what they want
are you telling me they wouldnt go for it?
i guess that doesnt mean that they have short attention spans
i guess it just means if its easier
wouldnt you just go that way
instead of being miserable waiting for a girl who might never want to be committed
i think it can be different if the girl was waiting because
many know that girls can be more passionate and emotional than boys can be
and i feel that if i girl is waiting for a guy
they will stick with them until that guy says "lets be together" or "i dont think this is gonna work"
my sister was telling me a story of a guy waiting for a girl
and it kinda made me think about this stuff
will the guy keep on waiting
or if he finds someone along the way who wants what he wants .. he'll choose her instead..
i guess everyone's different
so my observations can be stupid
but i just started thinking about that
anyways hope i wasnt blabbering too much

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