Thursday, June 30, 2011

21st June 2011

Labels (boyfriend & girlfriend status)
is labelling a relationship really important?
is it just a label or is it something more?
many relationships i know of, don't generally want to be labeled
as in they dont want to be labelled as being committed or being "boyfriend and girlfriend"
in some ways that makes sense
as in 2 people can really care about each other but not want people to label it
thats how, i guess, "seeing eachother" status was made
i was in this situation once...
i guess i've mentioned my ex a lot
and yes i call him my ex
but the thing is that we didnt label our relationship
we didnt even call it a relationship
we were "seeing eachother"
as in we liked each other
we even said "i love you" to one another
we just never said we were boyfriend and girlfriend
this went on for 4 months until he decided to call it off
and go out with someone else
which he did end up labelling as his girlfriend
anyways... before i go off track
that relationship was meaningful to me
even if i didnt call him my boyfriend
the relationship was still special...
but in my opinion,
sometimes labeling what you are to one another
is like a step closer to being even more intimate
sure its just a word or phrase
but to me, it means that someone is not ashamed to tell people
that we are together
i guess i didnt get that kind of intimacy with my ex
so what do you guys think?
just a word?
or much more than that?
is it really important to state that you are "official" ?
even if you've been seeing eachother for MONTHS?
let me know...

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