Thursday, June 30, 2011

24 June 2011

Yesterday i had an awesome, girls night out
with my cousin, godsister, and my cousins bestfriend (one of my good friends)
or what i like to call
my future roommates :)
so my friend/ cousin's bestfriend (who i'll name K) came to pick me up
cause she lives near me
and then we went to go pick up my cousin (who i'll call A)
we picked up K from her work
i was talking on the phone with her, while we were driving to pick her up
and then we kept talking until we parked next to her
after that we headed to the shops to meet up with my godsister (who i'll call J)
we met up at the food court
and ended up staying there for a while
we talked
took photos
and i played games on A's itouch LOL
idk why but with these girls i feel so comfortable
we then went to morning glory
and took some caps (photobooth photos)
it was so funny hahaha
doing poses
and changing seats and yeah
then K and A decorated them
while J and i went around the shop looking at everything
we then went to move the car cause like we had been at the shops for almost 3 hours
and like who wants to pay for parking right LOL
after that we headed to the movies
whe we got there we walked into the cinema
but there was a movie still going on
so we went to the seating place near by
and waiting for all the people to go out
while we waited, we took photos on J's new Iphone :)
it was so funny
cause we planned our posed for some of them
and then we realised the timer wasnt on
so we were keeping the same pose for like a while LOL
after SO MANY photos we went to the cinema again but the movie was still going
and we were like ....
its almost time for the movie
why arent they finished yet
the cinema person told us we were in cinema 3
but then we looked at our tickets and realised we were in cinema 4 ><"
good thing we checked
or else we would of missed the movie
so we went into the cinema
and watched the ads
we sat in a 4 seat side
it went like this ;
A, K, Me and then J :)
We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 :)
i loved it and reckon it was better than the first
it was so funny cause i sat next to J and she like has the cutest expressions to what happened LOL
and she like talks and yeah LOL
but anyways
after the movie, we couldnt stop talking about the movie
as we headed off to dinner
we ate at this asian place near the train station
it was really good
A ate a bit of mine
i ate abit of J's
and yeah
then we just put what we can together to pay for it
i feel really bad cause i never have money
and people usually have to pay for me
but i did put some money in for the dinner
we had a good talk at dinner too
it was good
after that we met up with my other cousin (A's sister)
K, A, J and i went to the car and drove to the roof where A and J were meeting A's other sister
cause thats how they were going home
we then said our goodbyes
K and i had a nice talk on the drive home
we talked about glee and other drama and stuff
and yeah
we're pretty excited about tafe
ohhhh idk if i told you guys
but i got into tafe
if you read my twitter you already knew that LOL
K and i are going together :)
well that was the end of the night
not too much detail
i was really fun
a lot of funny moments
i love these girls :)
i love hanging out with them ...
and i miss them already :(

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