Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on a few events

Okay so i got a comment yesterday
about my concert with my cousin and one of my friends
and i am sad to say
that due to internet problems at my house
the concert has been delayed for a while
hopefully it comes back before the end of july
cause thats when they go back to uni
sorry everyone who was waiting for it :(
but i will keep you updated on that
but i am in the process of talking about it with my cousin and friend
and working out some stuff
so please be patient with us
some more events i am planning for ustream
is the continuation of decorating my friends room
which will be happenning today and tomorrow from 10am
thats Sydney, Australia time :)
i'll put on my blogtv a timer for those in other countries

another event i am in the process of planning is
a question panel
where i am going to get a mixture of boys and girls
and we're gonna answer hard hitting questions
that are big convo starters
such as can guys and girls be friends ?
and is abortion a valid option when pregnant?
so write questions to me via comment on this post
or twitter or formspring :)

when i come up with more events i'll let you know
but please be patient with the concert
cause right now its under construction
and we're gonna work out some stuff

love you all
thank you for the comments and support :)

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