Thursday, August 25, 2011


she finally told me guys...
its been 3 days
WOW i had to wait a bit
i think she may have read my post
imagine if she didnt ...
would she even bother to tell me
she said sorry
and that im important
but what proof is there so far...
i guess we've been through a lot
and i love her like a sister
but its hard

i guess im real jealous of her
like i said
she was the person who understood me the most
about this kind of thing
but now she sees from a different perspective
so its hard...

im pretty bummed out right now
cause my sisters and mum
went shopping
didnt even text me
to see where im at
sometimes its just nice to be included you know
i learnt that i while a go
a lot of people dont get invited to things
because the person holding the event knows they wont go
but its a good feeling
when you are included
even if you know you cant go
i feel really left out
.... sometimes i hate this family

i get to sleep over my cousins house tomorrow
so i get a night away
a great way to end a terrible week
this week really killed me ><"
emotionally ...

well im gonna leave it there
gonna do something to cheer myself up
i hope yall are having a better week than me

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