Friday, September 30, 2011


today i did a broadcast…

it was quiet at first but then i got a really good viewer

who asked lots of questions

and i really enjoyed the conversation Smile

the problem is that i was going to copy the questions on to here

but for some reason my laptop went retarded

and i lost the convo

and i forgot their username Confused smile 

but if you’re reading this …

THANK YOU for coming to my broadcast Smile

i really enjoyed talking to you

i loved your questions

i’ll try and make another broad cast soon


if you missed anything important from todays show

or any show i’ve done

there are many recorded videos

on my blogtv page

that contain any important information missed Smile

so feel free to check that out

the link is on the side


today i also mentioned about the concert i am planning for december

to make up for the one i was suppose to do in the middle of the year

it is Christmas themed

and will hopefully be in the first week of dec Smile

hope you join us then

and i’ll post more details as they come out Smile


one final mention is that;

i encourage you all to leave me questions on any of my websites

preferably my blog or twitter

you can leave them WHENEVER you want

and i will answer them as soon as i can


thank you again to that lovely viewer who is a regular reader too Smile

you are awesome Smile and i’m happy to answer your questions


hope yall are having a good day

and if you live in AUS, hope you have a good LONG weekend Smile

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