Friday, January 7, 2011

relationships, friendships, and NOTHING

well since i last wrote a lot has happened
lets go from wednesday :)

wednesday i went to A.C the girls house
L.C the girl was there too
we basically just talked
it was good to get my feelings out
like cause i've been feeling like
not as strong for HIM than i used to
but when i see him or talk to him
it all comes back
like he's my bestfriend
and i still love him
and miss him
but when we dont talk for ages
idk it fades ><"
then S.B, a guy i'm friends with
has been talking to me a lot lately
and like idk
i know i dont like him
but what if he likes me
he's my friends ex
and really couldnt do that to her
the day was lots of fun

OH YEAH and i made up with my sister :)

thursday i was suppose to go costume shopping but freaking mum ruined it
hung with family though
which was good :)
inboxed him
feelings came back ><"

Friday (today)
i was suppose to go costume shopping again
but we didnt have a car cause my mum took it to work
and when she got home
shops were closed ><"
so me and my dad and little sis walked the store in the morning
for maccas LOL
then it started to rain
then it was sunny again

cleaned up all my christmas decorations

i got a letter from college today
talking bout like orientation and shit
and also that in like 2 weeks
i have to pay over $600
for like textbooks and stuff
and i'm like fuck that
so i'm cancelling my enrollment
and going tafe instead
i'm like more happier knowing i'll be closer to home
cause college is too far
family fully agree
and also my friend i told
which was A.C the girl and A.P the girl
i just gotta call on monday to sort it out
and call the tafe to see if i could still enrol now
even if its heaps late
hoping .....

OH YEAH a final note for the day
today i found out a good and bad thing
i found out A.C the girl and her boy
the one she has been seeing
i'm happy for them
liek i'm being protective of her
but being more nice and stuff too
as long as he treats her right i'm fine
the only bad thing is
it makes me jealous and kinda bummed out
cause of my whole situation
and how i want to like be with someone
i want to find someone

happy they finally made it official on like FB and everything LOL
he makes her happy
thats all that matters in the end

keep you all updated