Monday, January 17, 2011

1 week to cover

well so much has happened in the last week
here we go

Tuesday; 110111
just before my birthday i was panicing
idk why
but i was really down on myself
saying how i dont wanna turn 18 cause i feel i havent done anything
mainly cause of A.C the girl
i felt that way
but anyways
i called M.C
cause A.C the girl wouldnt answer
besides the point that it was like 2am in the morning
and then
it was my birthday
and at midnight my family "surprised" me with cake and balloons
it was funny cause i found out
and stuff cause their lies were terrible LOL
but i enjoyed it hahahaha
i had a cheese cake and a white choc cake

i also babysat on this day
i started babysitting again
besides the fact that i may be losing her soon for 6 months
cause her mums niece is coming here
anyways moving on
so i babysat
and A.P the girl came over to hang with me on my b-day
cause like she's my bestfriend
then A.C the girl and her guy
came over to give me their present
which i love :)
(i'll take pics of all my presents and put em up)
i enjoyed talking to them
it was alright
that was basically that day LOL
my fam didnt do anything interesting for my birthday
besides the surprise LOL

Wednesday; 120111
Hanging out with L.C the girl, A.C the girl and her boyfriend
they came over cause i babysit
so i cant go out
it was really fun
we played wii
i gave them a massive feed
and A.C's bf took over my babysitting LOL
then we went store
and i did tarot cards on them
which it kinda creeps me out that i can do it LOL
its just cause like i didnt believe i could actually predict someones future
not trying to say i'm special or something LOL
but most of the stuff i said was true
and it creeped us all out
hahaha it was fun though
then L.C the girl and A.C the girls bf
went home
and me and A.C the girl had a DNM :)

Thursday; 130111
it was my brothers birthday :)
in the day time i went to the shops with my sister and the girl i babysit
i had to buy stuff for my party LOL
then we went out for dinner as a fam
it was really good
the food was awesome
then we went aqua golf
then we went home and played scattergories :)

Friday; 140111
brother's suppose to be surprise dinner
at a brazillian resturant
food was OKAY
not great
but the highlight was watching my brother dance LOL
cause they do this thing there when people dance with strangers
like the salsa or something
lol it was funny as

anyways i'll continue my update later
cause like the next 2 days
need long descriptions
and i cbf atm LOL