Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LAST POST for a while

the title pretty much says it all
i'm not gonna blog for a while
for a few reasons
1. i'm babysitting a lot so i dont really have time
2. i need to get out more
and finally
yesterday i had a massive fight with someone important to me
cause of my blog
because of the stuff i said about them
the names i called them
which i know were inappropriate
and so now i am taking a break
from it all
i hope you read this
about everything i have ever said
and dont worry i'm sure we both need time away from each other

i hope someday in the future everything will be mended
but for now its broken
i'm so sorry :(
i'm sorry i called all that stuff
that made you uncomfortable
all that stuff that made it seem like we were something else idk
i'm sorry
i guess i just kept hanging on to the idea
i'm VERY sorry
please forgive me
i cant forgive myself

anyways to all my readers
i'm sorry i cant blog for a while
eventually i will
but until then
and i hope you are all doing well