Sunday, March 13, 2011


The question i was given on my last post was;


and the short response is actually NO
its not about HIM
cause you guys know why :)
i'm over him
he hurt me and i got over it
after like 2 months of not speaking
my last post is actually about someone i cared about
who i thought was gonna be my friend too
even after school ended
but things changed

i hope thats a fair answer

thanks for the questions
i love knowing people read my blog :)

Just letting it out

i dont know what im feeling
im so hurt by you
i wasnt before but now i am
you never even texted, called, visited or fbed me
randomly like you used to
then you suddenly decide to message me
and make me feel small
and insignificant
you make me feel like a loser
that you telling me what you did
would make me feel better
when it actually made me feel worse
i cant believe you
we were friends
we were more than that
you know how it makes feel to find out
that you visit, call, text and message on fb to other people
but not me
at first i understood
you were busy
i got that
but to find out that you had time for them
and not for me breaks my heart
idk what im feeling right now
but i know i cant deal with this
if you're gonna be the way you are right now
maybe i dont need you
maybe its best this way
i may be gutless right now
by writing about you
but you hurt me
you didnt before
but now you have
and i dont wanna be hurt
especially by you
so maybe i should forget you
and let you go
idk yet
all i know is i'm so effing pissed
im disappointed
i feel like a loser
so thanks for that
thanks for ripping my heart out
and serving it back to me
thanks for being my friend ><"
thanks for hurting me