Tuesday, March 15, 2011

There is a end to every storm

i am pleased to announce that a resolution has been made
my past blogs were my feelings of the "storm"
but this blog is the aftermath of it

after a few days of hurt feelings and such
a conversation was had between the 2 individuals
that clarified what was written and what was said
it gave understanding
and it made more sense
than their original assumptions

basically i talked to them
for about 2, maybe 3 hours
and we talked about it all
we let out everything we felt
tears were shed
but its all over now
things are slowly being fixed
its still pretty messed up
but at least its better than it was a couple of days ago

we understand each other
and ended up having a great conversation
still mending though
which is good

i realised they are still important
but time still needs to be had to fix some wounds

i'm glad i got to talk to them
as it turns out
we both wanted to pick up the phone
at the same time
which is good

we were both afraid
very scared
but at least its kinda better

we had a good catch up
they know how i am
and i know how they are

a lot of explaining took place
to clarify feelings and such
but its all worth it in the end
i feel to can tell them more now
as in a i can be more open

and so now i leave
being able to go to bed
with a bit of happiness in my heart
even though the situation is not fully fixed
its on its way
and that makes me feel good

to them i wanna say
thank you for understanding
thanks for the chat
and i promise to talk to you soon

Always remember EVERYONE....
Friendship is a 2 way street
you need to be able to see what you're doing
before the people around you cant take it anymore

Well goodnight everyone
i love you all very much

i just wanna be able to change someone's life
or at least help them

Goodnight <3