Wednesday, March 30, 2011


i guess this hate is suppose to put me down

but it doesnt

as much as it would of before

cause now i know i actually have people in my life who cares

and like i have people in my life who dont hate me

so i’m happy with other people’s choices

how they live their lives

cause i shouldnt give a damn

so do your own thing

and i’ll do mine

hating is wrong

and i guess we should all learn to stop

to all those who do support me


to all who dont

thats your choice and i wont make you

Smile <3


hey guys,

i’ve just joined a new website

its called Ustream

and it is very similar to Blogtv

but a bit more high tech

so im not used to it yet

but yeah i will be using that site as well

but not as much as my blogtv channel

so please check it out Smile

the link is also in my sidebar Smile

hope to see you guys on my next show

i will be doing another show on blogtv

not tonight

but tomorrow night

so come check it out Smile

be sure to check the timer for times whereever you are Smile



hey guys,

i just stopped by to ask you all to subscribe to my brother, Mr. Raf

if you havent already LOL

i have started this promotion thing

where if you subscribe to him

i will personally thank you on my blogger account and also on my next blogtv broadcast

all you have to so is;

1. go to the link given here (


3. Message me your youtube username, here or on any of my other sites

4. Make sure to leave me the name you want me to mention (and i will add you to my list)

5. Keep an eye on my tumblr, blogger and blogtv channel

for you personal thankyou

i know its not a lot

but yeah please support :)

Thankyou to the people who have already subscribed

i will write the post soon :)

have a good day everyone