Monday, April 4, 2011

i’m Growing UP

theres lots i want to say in this post but lets start off with the main topic

this year i turned 18, which is kinda a big thing.

i’m getting new hobbies and doing new things

and as im growing up, i want and NEED more privacy

as you may not know

my bedroom is actually the entertainment room upstairs

i moved into this room when i was in the 8th grade

i didnt want to share a room with my little sister anymore

and so i moved rooms

when i first moved in it was fine that i didnt have a wall or whatever

and then i built my own wall

with book shelves and wardrobes

but today, i feel i need more privacy

i want a room with a DOOR

yes my room of course doesnt have a door

i want a room that has 4 walls, a roof and a door

i want an actual room

where people have to knock

where people dont watch you sleep

or see whats in your room whenever they go past to go the bathroom

i want a room that is cosy and will be mine

but of course i wont get that ><”

theres no rooms left in this house

and i know no-one is gonna wanna trade with me

since like i will take all my furniture with me

it sucks

the fam say that when my bro moves out i’ll get a room

but when will that be

i want a room now ><”

i dont any of my siblings to have a room without a door like i do

but i dont like their jokes

and i want my privacy

i dont like that they can just walk in

just cause i dont have a door

that they wont let me be a lone

when i want

it really sucks

im older now

and i need more privacy

more confidence to be able to record my live broadcasts

and record my vlogs

i need to be able to hide the content of my room

instead of everyone being able to see it

i hate when my siblings friends can see my room whenever they come over

i hate that they think they can just touch anything cause its in the open

i hate it so much

i know im being stupid

but i want to be able to have so sort of life of my own

in my own room


i want to be able to close the door at night and not have to worry that noises in the morning will wake me up

like my parents getting ready for work

and the sister getting ready for work

or any of them watching tv and laughing or yelling


i guess up until now i never thought it was important

but to me now it is ><”


my final message is

im cutting down my internet time

cause my internet data is running out fast

so im gonna cut down till it comes back

so yeah

i’ll try and write as much as i can

and video and stuff

but yeahhhh

i dont wanna get in trouble for using all the internet

love you all

thanks for dealing with my drama