Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why do we like particular musicians?

this morning my younger sister was flipping through the channels on tv
and came upon a tv special about taylor swift
and right now im like in love with her music
and i find her amazing
my sister then asked me why i find her so amazing
and at that moment i realised i didnt have an answer
i thought about it for a while
and thought, why do we have to have a good reason to like and particular musician
i compared this question to boys
as in do we really have to have a good reason why we like a boy
like come on
its alwys gonna be the same thing
"he's funny, sweet, cute and smart"
it never really changes
so i guess those arent good reasons
if we can like a guy with no reason
why cant we do the same thing with musicians
unlike my sister
when i like an artist
i usually cant explain why
but she can when she likes one
like with boys
we are reeled into liking them
theres just something about them that make us like them
i dont exactly know why
whats a good reason anyways
like how do we know if its a good reason
why cant we just say someone is amazing
by the end of the day
which is like now
i came up with a reason on why i love taylor swift
it took alot of thought
but this is what i came up with
i like taylor swift
cause she is a dreamer
she believes in fairytales
and special loves
if you know me ALOT
and i bet you do
the comparison is awesome
i guess im a dreamer too
her lyrics really speak to me
i can feel what she feels
but i still stick to what i said
why do we need a good reason?
its like whay do we need a good reason for anything?