Monday, April 25, 2011


im not gonna lie to you
right now, well these days
i feel so alone
not in the sense that i do have friends and my family
i mean in the way that i dont have the one special person in my life
and granted im a bit jealous of everyone who has that
i want to go into the future
and be with my perfect guy
the one i spend the rest of my life with
cause you know what
waiting sucks
how do you know someone is right for you
does our hearts have to keep breaking to find them
do we have to go through such pain and embarassment
do we need to suffer for it
ive been through a lot
like a few guys
got hurt A LOT
and yet here i am STILL alone
i just dont know if im strong enough to keep waiting
i cant keep building myself again and again
after my heart breaks
just so someone new can break it
cause in the end
i might not have one
idk guys
well ima go bed now
i hope none of you are feeling like i am
i hope you're all smiling and happy :)
keep smiling