Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Inspiration & Motivation From PARAMORE

i just finished watching Paramore's "The Final Riot"
and like im so motivated to do more with my singing and music and shit
but like i dont have any orignals
i cover ALOT of songs i guess you could say
i wanna write a song
and so i have asked one of my friends and my cousin for some help
idk if they have written any songs
but i know if the 3 of us work together we could come up with ideas and yeah
and so im pretty excited if we do end up writing a song
which could start some good things :)

i'm planning to make a new cover REALLY soon
cause i am really in the spirit
so ill start working on something
so the next time im like home by myself
i'll record it
and put it up on my youtube page
and ill link it here too :)

idk if i ever mentioned this
but me and one of my friends
have decided to do an online kinda concert
which im real excited for
i came up with the idea a few weeks ago
and we plan to set an official date in the next few weeks
and it will be sometime in June/July
probably get my cousin in it too
cause she's amazing
basically the plan is that we're gonna do a kind of online broadcast concert
on my Ustream
which im kinda promoting on my blogtv
well we're gonna do a few covers
and then chat with all you guys and stuff
so come and support
and im hoping we can have an original performed too
i've tried writing songs before
but it didnt work out
so im hoping with these people's help
we can come up with a couple originals to try out

right now its planning and organising
and then its practicing
and im really excited about that
i cant wait
i wanna bring my love for music back and show it to you all
and i thank paramore
their final riot dvd really motivated me
and yeah
im pretty stoked

well so much is gonna be happenning
im turning this year around for myself
i had a pretty bad start
but im gonna end with my head up high

love you guys for support and love
and hope you're all smiling and have a great time
whereever you are
i loev you guys
will update you guys soon