Thursday, May 5, 2011

Felt like a parent

Well my parents have been gone for like a week
and like we were left to take care of ourselves
which was fine
but then i started having to be in charge of things
i'm not even the oldest
i was really annoyed with my older sister
cause she wasnt helping us out
like i get that she is busy planning for her weekend trip this weekend
but she didnt even help around the house
like she bought all this food for her trip
and its like in our fridge and stuff
and we're not allowed to eat it
and like we dont have food for ourselves
so thats slack
she didnt even give us a few dollars to buy food
and then she was irresponsible
by forgetting to pick my sister up from work
and then getting her friend to pick her up
without her even in the car
just my little sister and her friend
she is really being stupid
i'm so not happy
she reminds me of my mum sometimes
and so my little sister made us spaghetti for the 2nd time this week
and i took out the rubbish with my brother
and we ate dinner kinda together
WITHOUT my older sister
im so disappointed in her
anyways im going to leave it there
in case i say stuff out of anger
so yeah
on a happy note
i have a live broadcast tonight
on Blogtv
and hope you can join me
click on the my link
which is provided on the page somewhere LOL
hope you're all smiling whereever you are
and that you all stay happy :)


i got a show tonight,
just a little visual update about my week
and whats gonna be happening with me in the next couple of days
well hope to see you there :)
come along and chat :)