Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting to put up photos here :)

Photos from the park where i helped my brother film his new video :)
it was very pretty
i took more at another park
but on my bro's cam
but he deleted them :(
but its all good
i decided that ima put up photos when i take good one :)
starting now
cause i like taking pictures :)

Answering some questions

so i got a couple of emails today
and they both kinda said the same thing
so a couple of you (my readers)
have been asking about my room
and yeah
cause if you didnt know my room isnt really a bedroom
its actually the entertainment room upstairs
and so it doesnt have a door
and then i wrote a post
about how i want a door
and privacy and yeah
and then people have been telling me to just get a door and yeah
but heres my answer...
no i haven't got a door
but its fine i guess
it didnt bother me too much when i first moved into this room
but as i got older it started to bug me
but yeah i still havent got a door
idk if you guys understand me
so i took a couple of pics (which are above)
this is of my wall to block the stairs and shizz
see the gap where my cupboard is and other shit
thats me "DOOR"
i'm aware its pretty gay
theres been some talk in the house rightnow
about people switching rooms
and if im lucky maybe my bro will take mine
cause like he is hardly home anyways
all he does is sleep in his room LOL
and change clothes
thanks for reading
and thanks for the concern and questions
love yall so much
keep reading
and i'll try to write more
if you want me to talk about something in particular
let me know :)