Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Replying to some comments

Hey guys I'm so happy with all the comments I've got so far and I wanted to make a response back
The talk Is over now... As in there was talk but now there's now
I was a bit sad for like a bit
Cause my bro agreed to take my room abs then I'd get my sister's room and my sister would get my bros
But then my bro changed his mind
And so now no one is moving rooms
If that makes sense
But oh well
To my commenter who said they would give me a door
I say thank you for the offer
But its okay
My bro is moving out soon
As in he'll be gone in less than a year
And when he moves out I get my own room
With a door and everything :)
I've had my room for like 5 years now
So I'm sure I can last a few more months
Thanks for everyone reading my blog
You are all AMAZING
And I love you all

Last message is that .....
I don't have any internet at my house at the moment
And so unfortunately I'm not able to write on my blog which sucks
But I'll be sure to update y'all when I do get the net back
Or whenever I'm somewhere with internet
This post is actually being down on my sister's iPhone
Anyways I will try and write again soon
Love y'all so much
Hope you're all happy and smiling wherever you are
Just know I'm happy
ATM lol
Keep updated via my twitter, I tweet using my sisters phones and my mums
Anyways that's all
I love the support
Keep the wonderful comments coming