Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update on a few events

Okay so i got a comment yesterday
about my concert with my cousin and one of my friends
and i am sad to say
that due to internet problems at my house
the concert has been delayed for a while
hopefully it comes back before the end of july
cause thats when they go back to uni
sorry everyone who was waiting for it :(
but i will keep you updated on that
but i am in the process of talking about it with my cousin and friend
and working out some stuff
so please be patient with us
some more events i am planning for ustream
is the continuation of decorating my friends room
which will be happenning today and tomorrow from 10am
thats Sydney, Australia time :)
i'll put on my blogtv a timer for those in other countries

another event i am in the process of planning is
a question panel
where i am going to get a mixture of boys and girls
and we're gonna answer hard hitting questions
that are big convo starters
such as can guys and girls be friends ?
and is abortion a valid option when pregnant?
so write questions to me via comment on this post
or twitter or formspring :)

when i come up with more events i'll let you know
but please be patient with the concert
cause right now its under construction
and we're gonna work out some stuff

love you all
thank you for the comments and support :)

24 June 2011

Yesterday i had an awesome, girls night out
with my cousin, godsister, and my cousins bestfriend (one of my good friends)
or what i like to call
my future roommates :)
so my friend/ cousin's bestfriend (who i'll name K) came to pick me up
cause she lives near me
and then we went to go pick up my cousin (who i'll call A)
we picked up K from her work
i was talking on the phone with her, while we were driving to pick her up
and then we kept talking until we parked next to her
after that we headed to the shops to meet up with my godsister (who i'll call J)
we met up at the food court
and ended up staying there for a while
we talked
took photos
and i played games on A's itouch LOL
idk why but with these girls i feel so comfortable
we then went to morning glory
and took some caps (photobooth photos)
it was so funny hahaha
doing poses
and changing seats and yeah
then K and A decorated them
while J and i went around the shop looking at everything
we then went to move the car cause like we had been at the shops for almost 3 hours
and like who wants to pay for parking right LOL
after that we headed to the movies
whe we got there we walked into the cinema
but there was a movie still going on
so we went to the seating place near by
and waiting for all the people to go out
while we waited, we took photos on J's new Iphone :)
it was so funny
cause we planned our posed for some of them
and then we realised the timer wasnt on
so we were keeping the same pose for like a while LOL
after SO MANY photos we went to the cinema again but the movie was still going
and we were like ....
its almost time for the movie
why arent they finished yet
the cinema person told us we were in cinema 3
but then we looked at our tickets and realised we were in cinema 4 ><"
good thing we checked
or else we would of missed the movie
so we went into the cinema
and watched the ads
we sat in a 4 seat side
it went like this ;
A, K, Me and then J :)
We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 :)
i loved it and reckon it was better than the first
it was so funny cause i sat next to J and she like has the cutest expressions to what happened LOL
and she like talks and yeah LOL
but anyways
after the movie, we couldnt stop talking about the movie
as we headed off to dinner
we ate at this asian place near the train station
it was really good
A ate a bit of mine
i ate abit of J's
and yeah
then we just put what we can together to pay for it
i feel really bad cause i never have money
and people usually have to pay for me
but i did put some money in for the dinner
we had a good talk at dinner too
it was good
after that we met up with my other cousin (A's sister)
K, A, J and i went to the car and drove to the roof where A and J were meeting A's other sister
cause thats how they were going home
we then said our goodbyes
K and i had a nice talk on the drive home
we talked about glee and other drama and stuff
and yeah
we're pretty excited about tafe
ohhhh idk if i told you guys
but i got into tafe
if you read my twitter you already knew that LOL
K and i are going together :)
well that was the end of the night
not too much detail
i was really fun
a lot of funny moments
i love these girls :)
i love hanging out with them ...
and i miss them already :(

21st June 2011

Labels (boyfriend & girlfriend status)
is labelling a relationship really important?
is it just a label or is it something more?
many relationships i know of, don't generally want to be labeled
as in they dont want to be labelled as being committed or being "boyfriend and girlfriend"
in some ways that makes sense
as in 2 people can really care about each other but not want people to label it
thats how, i guess, "seeing eachother" status was made
i was in this situation once...
i guess i've mentioned my ex a lot
and yes i call him my ex
but the thing is that we didnt label our relationship
we didnt even call it a relationship
we were "seeing eachother"
as in we liked each other
we even said "i love you" to one another
we just never said we were boyfriend and girlfriend
this went on for 4 months until he decided to call it off
and go out with someone else
which he did end up labelling as his girlfriend
anyways... before i go off track
that relationship was meaningful to me
even if i didnt call him my boyfriend
the relationship was still special...
but in my opinion,
sometimes labeling what you are to one another
is like a step closer to being even more intimate
sure its just a word or phrase
but to me, it means that someone is not ashamed to tell people
that we are together
i guess i didnt get that kind of intimacy with my ex
so what do you guys think?
just a word?
or much more than that?
is it really important to state that you are "official" ?
even if you've been seeing eachother for MONTHS?
let me know...

17th June 2011 PART 2

being friends with someone you used to like?
will it be just as good after than it was when you liked them
or was it only good and fun cause of the feelings?
this is one of the questions that depend on the person
like i was talking to my sister
and she brought up something about a guy she used to like
she wants to be friends with him again
cause they were good friends
and i was like are you sure it was good
or was it like only good cause you liked him ?
like the mind can play great tricks on a person
and can make stuff up in your head
and so thats what i was thinking
cause as you all know
i was really good friends with someone
who i ended up liking
and now we dont talk anymore
and in some ways i miss his friendship
but sometimes i think i only liked it so much because of how i felt
but because i dont like him anymore
maybe our friendship would be just awkward
and meaningless
i guess its one of those situation that is determined on whether
you were friends with the other person before or after you started liking them
like i was friends with this guy before i liked him
but i kinda felt that we became closer after i started liking him
which was really confusing and yeah
so i still ask the question..
can you be friends with someone you had a thing for ?
or will it just be awkward ?
was it only a good friendship cause of the feelings?
let me know guys :)

17th June 2011

guys have short attention spans...
in a sense..
i've been talking to my sister
and i came up with this kind of observation
think about guys or girls who wait for guys or girls...
like when a guy likes a girl
and the girl isnt ready to commit
and so the guy says he will wait for her to be ready
its kinda the same reversed...
but i feel something different
if it was a girl waiting but more on that later...
i dont mean that guys are stupid thats why they have short attention spans
what i mean by that statement is that in this situation
guys would wait for the girl to be ready
and if they really like the girl
they will wait as long as they have to
but what if they meet another girl
while waiting
one that is so compatible with them
and wants what they want
are you telling me they wouldnt go for it?
i guess that doesnt mean that they have short attention spans
i guess it just means if its easier
wouldnt you just go that way
instead of being miserable waiting for a girl who might never want to be committed
i think it can be different if the girl was waiting because
many know that girls can be more passionate and emotional than boys can be
and i feel that if i girl is waiting for a guy
they will stick with them until that guy says "lets be together" or "i dont think this is gonna work"
my sister was telling me a story of a guy waiting for a girl
and it kinda made me think about this stuff
will the guy keep on waiting
or if he finds someone along the way who wants what he wants .. he'll choose her instead..
i guess everyone's different
so my observations can be stupid
but i just started thinking about that
anyways hope i wasnt blabbering too much

16th June 2011

i was in the process of making videos for my vlog
but then my camera kinda started stuffing up
which really bummed me out...
anyways i write this post
cause i've been having some thoughts
and here they are....
they are both good and bad for us i guess
the good thing is that we gain an imagination
its a chance to enter a world which is not normally reality
but the bad thing is that
our real lives seem dull in comparison
the main thing im talking about is FAIRYTALE
as in girls finding that guy and guys finding that girl
in reality it isnt always happy ending
and some tv shows show that
but at the end of the day
everyone ends up happy
which bumms me out
as most of you already know
i'm not with anyone right now
and i feel like i should get out there
and go looking for that guy
but then sometimes people say
if i stop looking, he will turn up
but idk
i'm at that point where i dont think i'll ever stop looking
cause im starting to feel like im ready for that kind of commitment now
i'm ready to be able to put my whole life in someone's hands
and for me to hold theirs
i've planned my whole life
my whole future
but the only thing/person missing is ..
that guy to help me along the way...
where is he... ??
with all that i've been through
and all that im going through now
it feels like the only person i can truly rely on
is myself...
and in a way thats really sad
but sometimes in life...
you have to go on... on your own.
i'm not asking any of you guys to date me...
or to feel sorry for me...
or even to give me advice or set me up with someone
i just wanted to be able to express myself to someone
who is interested
besides myself
cause honestly sometimes it feels like people pretend to be interested
but in the end they're just saying "yeah" or "ah huh"
but i know that at least my readers care a bit
well i'll write another post tomorrow or soon
hopefully im a step closer to finding my "other half"

Next Few Posts

the next few posts are posts i wrote using notepad
since i dont have internet
i'm in the process of making a video for you guys
but for now i have these posts
and thank you to my friend for letting me use her internet to post them up :)