Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A few photos i’ve taken lately :)

28th August 2011;


Helping my dad fix his wardrobe, as he was putting things away i noticed a pile of colours and patterns and realised it was his tie collection Smile 

HE HAS SO MANY TIES lol and he uses the tie rack i gave him for fathers day when i was in primary school hahahah


29th August 2011;


i just go into the bathroom and so this on the floor

WTH hahaha its so adorable though

its a piece of string against the tile

and makes a love heart Smile <3


2nd September 2011;


have become really obsessed about pretzels

and so i buy them from the vending machine at TAFE sometimes

and as i was eating them in class

i found this one

and it was so twisted and odd shaped, that i wanted to save it Smile

gotta love pretzels hahaha i really didnt want to eat it

but ate it straight after i took the picture


6th September 2011;


stressed out cause i wanted to finish my assignment so that i had today free…..

then when i went to TAFE this morning i find out that my teacher for this subject is on strike tomorrow and so theres no morning class

which means this assignment is not due till next week

and i already finished it ….. how annoying ><”


7th September 2011;


In play class today, we talked about books

and we grabbed books from a pile

and i didnt notice i grabbed this one until i sat back down


i love this book Smile, it was my sisters favourite book as a child

and i loved it too

a couple of girls in my class wanted to read it

so i read it and switched with one of them

and it just got passed around lol


Anyways thats the photos for now

i’ll add more when i take more interesting photos LOL

i know some are random

but oh well Smile


keep updated with my twitter

and this blog Smile

love yall <3 feels good to write again