Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week’s Photos


I’m so terrible Sad smile  room is messy again…


Monday (19/09); after my first field visit i treated myself to a couple of boxes of pocky Smile


Current Read = The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ

Music Obsession = Jonas L.A Soundtrack


Wednesday (21/09)

during play class we made insects and some made animals Smile

this is the display


i made one fore my cousin Smile but my friend made a better one than me Sad smile which she gave to me Smile


In our care for babies class, our class was competing with the other class to get the most answers for this question by only using the letter S. The other class got like 37 and we got 70 Smile which we kept on adding to throughout the whole class


After TAFE, we (tafe friends and i) went down to the river for my friends birthday Smile

we saw SOOOO many ducks Smile they were so cute

we fed them pringles, maccas chips and bread Smile

anyways it was real fun


On the way home i was playing with the bee my friend made for me

and the cellophane wings had a real pretty shadow Smile


Later on in the night i got to watch the first episode of the new season of GLEE Smile

i missed Blaine Smile and now i get to see him again YAY


this week has been busy

i dont have a lot of photos though

my sister graduated yesterday

and im real proud of her

love her lots


more photos next week