Friday, September 30, 2011


this is my favourite TUMBLR right now Smile

just wanted to share it with you


today i did a broadcast…

it was quiet at first but then i got a really good viewer

who asked lots of questions

and i really enjoyed the conversation Smile

the problem is that i was going to copy the questions on to here

but for some reason my laptop went retarded

and i lost the convo

and i forgot their username Confused smile 

but if you’re reading this …

THANK YOU for coming to my broadcast Smile

i really enjoyed talking to you

i loved your questions

i’ll try and make another broad cast soon


if you missed anything important from todays show

or any show i’ve done

there are many recorded videos

on my blogtv page

that contain any important information missed Smile

so feel free to check that out

the link is on the side


today i also mentioned about the concert i am planning for december

to make up for the one i was suppose to do in the middle of the year

it is Christmas themed

and will hopefully be in the first week of dec Smile

hope you join us then

and i’ll post more details as they come out Smile


one final mention is that;

i encourage you all to leave me questions on any of my websites

preferably my blog or twitter

you can leave them WHENEVER you want

and i will answer them as soon as i can


thank you again to that lovely viewer who is a regular reader too Smile

you are awesome Smile and i’m happy to answer your questions


hope yall are having a good day

and if you live in AUS, hope you have a good LONG weekend Smile

This Weeks PHOTOS

Didnt take that many photos this week Sad smile sorry yall

Tuesday 27th September;



Hung out with my BESTFRIEND Smile A.P the girl <3 and our other highschool friend Smile we went to workers in Blacktown for a all you can eat buffet YUMMMMMMM…. afterwards we watched Johnny English Reborn… it was okay, cinema was PACKED AS

Wednesday 28th September;


made myself NACHOS Smile was really good hahaha the only downside was it took me like 20mins to open the salsa jar ><” but i finally got it and made awesome nachos which i ate myself LOL

what a fatty aye Smile with tongue out

Friday 30th September;


Was home by myself for a little while… and was looking for something to eat … and found this CHICKEN CASSEROLE Smile it was so good that i finished the container of it Smile with tongue out


With nothing else on tv, i was watching ‘Letters And Numbers’ on SBS the game is you get random letters and you have to make a word from it and there is someone on the side with a dictionary to confirm it … and then the next game is you get random numbers and you have to use those numbers to get to a goal number (if that makes sense) its actually a cool show Smile


My parents came home with Nandos for me Smile 

i was real happy LOL

the box was really pretty Smile



i’ve been working on making more space on my computer

cause im waiting for my new harddrive from my dad


this is what it looked like for a bit

it got smaller after a while but i found a way to get a bit more space

i just gotta hold off downloading until i get a new harddrive Sad smile


thats the photos for this week Smile

see yall next week



my BLOGTV broadcast has been moved to 6pm Australian EST

so there is still time to write questions

sorry for the sudden change, something came up

but i hope you join me tonight at 6pm :)

the timer on my page has been adjusted

in case you are out of the country