Sunday, October 2, 2011



i’m in the process of learning new songs

and putting together a set list

for the christmas themed web concert in december….

i would love to hear any of your suggestions for songs

to do so just leave me a comment with the following details;

1. Name of the song

2. Version of song (if there are many)

3. Musican (of the version) this kinda links to number 2.

4. Provide a link to where i can hear the song (to get familiar)

5. Provide a link to help me learn the song (RECCOMENDED)

6. (if you want) leave your name, so if your request is chosen we’ll give you a shout out


not all requests will be picked (if there is a lot of suggestions, which i doubt, so your chances are high)


Just send me your request on any of my websites before the first week of November Smile that way there is a lot of time to rehearse