Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekly Photos

Saturday, 1st October;


began my current obsession of Glee Smile to make it official i changed my desktop photo to this one, which was an advertising shot for the new season of Glee Smile

Sunday, 2nd October;


To continue my obsession… i have a GIANT LOVE for Darren Criss who plays Blaine Anderson on the show

Before he was famous, he was in this little company him and his friends made in college, called Starkid …

They made musicals and webseries and posted them on youtube

Check them out ….

Anyways Darren Criss made covers of a few disney songs …

which i continue to watch, over and over again


My favourite cover of his is Belle Smile this song is from the disney movie musical, Beauty And The Beast Smile isnt he CUTE !!!!!


Monday, 3rd October;


i tried to make this day productive… and i did do a few things… i changed my tafe desktop colour LOL doesnt it look sexy ORANGE Smile


And i was also able to finish some Tafe work.. i did quite a bit of work this week.. but didnt take photos of them LOL


When ever i sit at my computer.. i always end up holding something that is around me and play with it… this is my stress car, which i absolutely TORTURE lol


At one point i got chopsticks… dk how they got near my computer

and i was just drumming on anything i could that made noise LOL


Continuing with my obsession that was previously mentioned….

this was another cover of Part Of Your World which is in the disney movie musical The Little Mermaid (which is my favourite Disney film)

i also changed my phones background to this ADORABLE photo of him;


i would of taken a photo of my phone, but it would be difficult since my phone is the camera i use for all the photos i put up…


WHO NEED APPLE APP STORE… found this awesome app holder… for my computer, it doesnt compare to the App Store from Apple but its close enough LOL … Slowly turning my computer to a MAC Smile


Tuesday, 4th October;


I was watching ellen, and this guy was on… he is amazing when he sings. He was on Ellen because he singing just like the GREAT Freddie Mercury of Queen. On the show he sang Somebody To Love by Queen and it just blew me away… it was incredible.


On the news there is all this talk of Cody Simpson and he was on Ellen the other day… i was like, maybe i should check this dude up.

He is a 14 year old boy who sings pretty alright… i mainly just like this song … On My Mind

He is from Queensland, Australia but was discovered on Youtube and moved to LA where he just recently got Scooter as a manager (who is the same manager as Justin Bieber)


Started a work out routine;

- Played Just Dance ( 40mins)

-Run/Walk up and down the stairs (20mins)

fairly simple but tiring ….

Although i changed it now… so after that day i started;

- Play Just Dance (20mins)

- Walk up and down the stairs (20mins)

- Bike around area OR Skip in the backyard (20mins)

with also a limited eating quantity Smile i have a special type of bowl

Wednesday, 5th October;

GLEE’s new ep was on Smile which i should of taken a picture of…

it was awesome… SO IN LOVE WITH MIKE CHANG (Harry Shum Jr) he is amazing and Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) was HARDLY in the episode Sad smile


This is my FIRST guitar…

through out the day i’ve been playing guitar… learning Christmas songs for the upcoming Christmas Web Concert

i’m so EXCITED for christmas Smile 

if you havent been following my twitter; i reckon Christmas with my family is the BEST day of the Year Smile


Thursday, 6th October;


Went Shopping with the sisters Smile 

My younger sister bought me all this stuff…

THANK GOD for her working at Cotton On Smile

i dont like clothes shopping but i had fun with them yesterday Smile

Also gave in my resume to JB HI FI as a Christmas Casual … i’m hoping i get it Sad smile i really need money


EVERYONE meet my BABY Smile

This is my Blue guitar i got for Christmas last year from my Brother

I named her Chrystal … get it … CHRISTMAS Smile with tongue out LAME

anyways continued to practice Christmas Songs Smile 

Cant believe its almost a year old Surprised smile


Friday, 7th October;


Woke up late .. and there was no rice, so i had to result to eating 2 min noodles… which i hadnt had in a while …


As part of my exercise routine i decided to ride my bike today Smile

EVERYONE meet Mikee Smile

I got this bike for Christmas Last year from my Dad

i named it Mikee because one time i was bringing it through the house cause we didnt have a garage key… and i was talking to my bros… THEN girlfriend saying how its my precious bikee Smile and she thought i said Mikee so i just stuck with it Smile

when i got this bike i realised that its also blue like my guit

and thus i started liking the colour blue Smile i even bought a blue helmet to match LOL


Well thats all the photos from the week … realised theres ALOT

sorry bout that Confused smile

anyways i’ll write again soon

love yall LOTS