Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Photos

Saturday, 8th October;Photo0583

It was terrible weather … from the moment i woke up


So i stayed in bed watching SO MANY glee videos…. Smile mostly the behind the scenes videos Smile


Clearly i LOVE twitter LOL

this is my Tweet Deck Smile

(L-R) Tweets from those i follow, Tweets im mentioned in, Recommendations of who to follow & my lovely followers


My Worn OUT comb… i have a tendency of combing my hair when i sit at my computer…

Sunday, 9th October;


Went to the Gym w/ my older sister Smile and im planning to join REAL soon SmilePhoto0589

Im trying to avoid fried food… so after Gym we went Red Rooster Smile chicken that ISNT fried Open-mouthed smile


Actually did some TAFE work Smile


For the rest of the day, i relaxed Smile and played this game LOL

i’m really getting HYPED for CHRISTMAS (if you havent read my twitter, you may not know that im really EXCITED)


as i was going to sleep, i wanted to play Sudoku … and i have to do this connect the dots thing and guess what the image is… man i was close with the image…. but i got it right


FINISH ALL THE SUDOKU GAMES…. now what will i do to fall asleep…

Tuesday, 11th October;



Assignment…. With only 7 weeks left Confused smileConfused smile … the PRESSURE is ON

Wednesday, 12th October;


In play class, we had to make a outdoor play area …

i did a lot of the gluing Smile and 1 TAFE friend did the planing out and design and another TAFE friend did the wonderful drawings of the staff Smile

Thursday, 13th October;


We had Food class in the library so my group booked a study room…

i really enjoyed it … we worked REAL hard Smile we like covered the whole table Smile with tongue out


While going through cook books (cause we had to look for recipes)

i came across this Surprised smile i really want them now… full craving


At home; working hard Smile w/ 2 computers on Smile with tongue out

Friday, 14th October;


In Interact With Children class we had to make a poster about what makes us special… we wrote some of the point ourselves and then people in the class wrote things Smile i was so flattered by what people wrote… some of my TAFE friends didnt get a chance to write on mine Sad smile but i wrote on everyone’s Smile


Reunion invites came in the mail…. frankly not excited… but i gotta go cause im in charge of Food ..


BORING week … i know LOL

come again next week yo Smile

love yall LOTS <3