Saturday, October 22, 2011

This weeks photos :)

Saturday, 15th October;


Mmmmmmm mince sandwich Smile


Getting hyped for Christmas Smile Christmas themed internet games <3

Sunday, 16th October;


Couple random photos…. i got a new toothbrush Smile and my dad installed a new toilet seat … its really pretty


Spent the day organising my desk… which is now messed up AGAIN and…


Organised my itunes Smile made sure all the songs on my itunes had a album cover LOL isnt it beautiful <3


Look at my computers Top 25, most played songs Surprised smile Smile

Monday, 17th October;Photo0639

The mother brought me home this Smile MY FAVOURITE FILO FOOD <3 (i’m unsure how to spell the name) it tastes good even if it looks weird.


The older sister brought me home Easy Way cause she bought one for my little sister and it was buy one get another for $1


Little sister gave me the rest of her Orange TicTacs Smile

i just kept eating them… and ran out in like 2 seconds


My white board… so many buses i catch just for TAFE purposes…


Busy week…. LOTS of assignments due next week.. (one more week of lessons)

Wednesday, 19th October;


The cousin gave me a flower she picked up as she was walking to the car from Uni Smile


Officially counting down till Christmas


And then marked it down in my TAFE diary

Thursday, 20th October;


Whole class put their names in a bowl to see who is going to be in the early session or late session for the Cooking Assignment… i got to pull them out and my name was the second one to come out Smile


After finding out that my Working w/ Families assignment is due next week, i went crazy looking for resources… and had to print a bunch …

Friday, 21st October;


Playing Fruit Ninja on the internet… easier than on a itouch/phone/pad…. BEST score ever LOL


Finally joined the Gym Smile gonna start working out with the sister


My FREEBIES for joining Smile so happy their colour is ORANGE <3


Went on a Chrome app that tells me stuff about the year i was born Smile the first thing it mentioned was “There was no Google yet. Or Yahoo” i was like MAN THINGS HAVE CHANGED (cant live without Google)


Staying up late on the laptop…

Saturday, 22nd October;


Watched a Travel Show called “The Travel Bug” and they were in the Philippines Smile made me want to go Phils Sad smile i wanna see all these wonderful sites that i havent seen yet.


Versed the little sister in these games, to see who had a younger/smarter brain Smile i beat her in the brain training games but she beat me in the Big Brain Academy game.


Spent the majority of the day playing this game… i am starting to love playing Golf  Smile


The mother cooked us dinner (tuna and potatos (sweet and plain))cause my dad is doing overtime… its different to the way my dad makes it but i didnt mind it.


My sleeping game and time filler game Smile


My week’s photos will now be posted on Saturdays Smile

didnt realise it takes me more than an hour to post them Surprised smile


see yall again next week Smile