Saturday, October 29, 2011

This weeks photos

i didnt take a lot of photos this week… i kept forgetting and was majorly busy with school work.

Saturday, 22nd October;


Last week of lessons with FOUR assignments due…. a great way to start a week ><”

Sunday, 23rd October;


FINALLY cleaned my room Smile sooo proud LOL its still clean to this day


Practice for my food assignment… made berry and peach yogurt… the left is what it was suppose to look like and the right is how mine turned out… it looks like crap but it tastes SOOOO GOOOD… Smile


Did most of my assignments on my bro’s computer Smile tooo hot upstairs to use my computer


Study/assignment SNACK Smile i’m craving them right now Sad smile


Some night time reading and i noticed a HUGE fail LOL

the said Jessica Alba instead of Jessica Biel Smile with tongue out

Monday, 24th October;


Woke up way too early … so i watched TOTALLY WILD as i waited for my friend Smile

Wednesday, 25th October;


Came home and i got this in the mail …. totally did my HSC last year LOL EPIC FAIL


Getting ready for my food assignment tomorrow….

Thursday, 26th October;


My main meal (meatballs in tomato sause with basmati rice) and dessert (berry and peach yogurt) Smile 

these were my left overs which i packed for the cousin LOL

it was prettier in class

when i was bothered to present it on the plate

but i forgot to bring my phone to class… and left it with my friend in the library ><”

Friday, 27th October;


i like watch Smurfs every morning when i was waiting for my friend …. how old am i again ? Smile with tongue out


Made meatballs again for me and the sister at home Smile


The locker i used at the Gym Smile with tongue out and i left my $2 in it when i left … why didnt i remember ><” someone got a free $2 i full checked when i went to the gym the next day.

Saturday, 28th October;


I have a thing for ripping off the fabric on my chair while im at the computer …. i should probably stop …


well thats all for this week …

see yall again next week Smile