Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 16

Week 16

Sorry about the tv sounds in the background ><"

April's Month Review

Week 13 - Breakaway

Week 14 - Skyscraper

Week 15 - Apologize

Thank You KC and Ghleanna for their help this month :)

Music: "Stole" By Kelly Rowland
I declare that i do not own the music played in this video and that all rights belong to Kelly Rowland and Columbia Records

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 15

Week 15

Song Cover: Apologize By OneRepublic
Thank you to KC for helping me out today :)

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03 June 2012
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feeling Lately...

Lately I've been feeling a little down...
Yeah it's about the same thing Im always upset about
And that's the fact that I'm alone with no one special to share particular moments with.
Idk why it upsets me so much but it just does.
I guess with all the stuff going on lately it's nice to get away and confide in someone special.
I wish that special person would walk into my life already ....
It upsets me cause I see all these people who are in love and I'm like, I want that too
It's just hard to meet someone... I don't get out much and im not the type of person to just go up to a random and talk to them.
I'm so old school in the sense that I want to start off as friends and make our way to becoming a couple.
That way I can trust them
But this method is not working ... I get friend-zoned a lot and it's killing me... When will I meet the guy of my future, when will I find a special someone who will make pain disappear ....when will it happen?
I hope it happens soon... I'm starting to lose hope, I know I'm young but I'm the type of person who wants everything that my future brings but I feel ready for it now

Anyways I'll write again soon

Friday, April 13, 2012

Week 14–Skyscraper

This was one of my favourite videos so far Smile

Song: Skyscraper By Demi Lovato
Covered By Ghleanna T

She's amazing, you should check her out :)

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Week 14–Skyscraper

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week 13

Week 13: Breakaway



Song Cover: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
Featuring KC
Thank You KC for assisting me with this song :)

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08 June 2012
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