Thursday, December 27, 2012

Am i back AGAIN?

Hey all,
how have you all been?
i have been pretty good and had the motivation to begin writing again...

After hanging out with an old friend, he told me to start writing again after i had stopped for a while and so here i am again.

for the coming year i will write posts when ever i can and hopefully take up my campaign again against cyberbullying after i kinda stopped...

I'll write about what i have been doing, i'll vent or even just share the purchase i have made (cause i have an obsession with online shopping)

I'll share images i enjoy and music i'm in love with

i know this might be a bit different from before but you never know it could be almost the same :)

well anyways, this being my first post of this new chapter and year,
i thought i would write about the aftermath of one of the biggest holidays of the year...


so its been a couple of days since christmas and everyone is out shopping online or in stores to get the best deals offered before the new year.

how was everyone's christmas? what did you do? did you spend time with family?

my christmas was great, and for 3 days i spend time with my immediate family, cousins and family friends. To many people the celebrations go from the 24th - 26th which includes visiting family and have lots and lots to eat. and mine was no different

Christmas is also well known for the gift giving... i love this bit not only being a receiver but also a giver. i love giving my family presents but this year i took it a step further and spend as much money as i could on the best things for those i love. Being that this year was my first having a job, i wanted to get the best of the best for them all

here is what i bought:
- Motherhood related pandora charm with a pearl

- Boxset of Bones Seasons 1 - 7

Older Brother:
- Film Encyclopedia
- Hip hop dvd
- A Boxset of the Chicago Bulls history in the 1990s

Older Sister:
- 10 pk of frames
- bestfriend's wedding dvd
- $40 gift card to lovisa
- a wedding planner
- a wedding book

Younger Sister:
- Juno soundtrack
- 500 days of summer soundtrack
- Frankenweeie Soundtrack
- Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack
- Complete Book Series of Series of Unfortunate Events
- Remote Control Yoshi Kart
- 500 days of summer DVD

- Foam Number and Letter Mat
- Basketball Jersey Jumpsuit Pack
- Stroller Toy
- Soft Cube

Brother's Girlfriend:
- Earrings
- Coles/Myer giftcard

Sister's Fiance:
- Hair Product
- JB HI FI giftcard

Also every year my immediate family does a Kris Kringle. Each year we have a different theme and this one was each of use got a letter from the word CHRISTMAS and i got the letter C. i got my brother in the draw and i got him:
- Complete History Boxset of the Boston Celtics
- Charlie Chaplin DVDS

We also do a kris kringle with my cousins and this year i got the cousin i talk to the most who i call Bumble Bee (weird story). I get her a present every year and so i doubled up my present this year and gave it to her as a complete pack rather than 2 presents. i got her:
- 3 Art Sketch pads of different sizes
- starter pack of pencils
- charcoal pencils
- a block calendar

With my TAFE friends we also did a kris kringle and our theme was first letter our first name. I got my friend who starts with the letter R and so i got her a rainbow light with rechargeable batteries.

I also gave one of my closest friend the complete book collection of the works of Beatrix Potter.

As you can see i bought a lot of present this year but i didnt mind as long as i can make those i care about the most happy during this joyful season.

This post is getting a bit long so i'll leave it there...
my next post will be about the present i received for christmas (i'll add photos) so keep updated for that.

hope i build up my blog again and will speak to you all again soon
i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas :)

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