Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Stranger

WOW sorry i haven’t posted anything lately...
TAFE is pretty hectic these days and then i forget to update my blog but i did write down somewhere that i really needed to LOL

Anyways the main reason why I'm writing is because i have started a online campaign against CYBER BULLYING and would really love for more people to get involved.

I post up a video every Friday that presents art, song covers, etc. that relate to cyber bullying. Each one holding a special message.

If you haven’t seen them already, you should check them out at (yes ignore my stupid username...)

If you would like to contact me to get involved leave a comment on here or on any of my links on the left hand side. Its easy to contact me on:



Thank you to all those who have contributed already :)

i am very grateful :)

So far i have made 12 videos and just for you guys i'll upload a couple of my favourites here :) but be sure to visit my page to view the rest.


Week 2: Inner Turmoil By Logan C


Week 6: Type… By Denise F


Week 8: “Don’t Abandon Me” By KC


Week 9: Effects Of Bullying By Angelica F


From next week i will post the videos on to here, to keep you all up to date

but for now please view the rest on my youtube :)

i hope you’re having a good day where ever you are

bye :)