Wednesday, February 20, 2013


WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW i did not write for a while...
sorry guys i didnt do the christmas post or any of my current purchases...
been so caught up and forget to post
i will keep trying

anyways i just thought you guys may want to know,
i have instagram and pinterest for those who dont know
so now you can see my post and current obsessions on that too
it may be as well to be connected as i am always on there

if you would like me to follow you feel free to leave a comment with your username and ill check you out

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

030113 Purchases

So today I went the shops with my older sister and bought some stuff and since I said I'll start posting again, I decided to share it with you (photos will be at the bottom)

Product: Coffee with Marilyn and Shakespeare
So firstly I bought these two books from a variety store :) each contains the background of the person in the title but is set out as if that person is saying it to you over coffee :) I bought them because I thought they were quirky and interesting
Paid: $1 each

Product: Black Work Pants
I bought these pants for my upcoming workplacement as they are very strict on attire ... I bought a pair once but I hated the zipper bit and so these ones are stretchy pants with no button or zipper
Paid: $10 at Kmart

Product: Sunglasses
I bought these for my upcoming trip to Melbourne :) it's gonna be really sunny and my old ones have scratches so I bought 2 pairs one incase I lose or break the other one :)
Paid: $5 each at Kmart

Product: Box of rainbow nerds and curlywurly
I was really craving lollies today... And so I bought them, no real intention ... Lol
Paid: $2.50 for the nerds and 4 for $2 for the curlywurly

Thanks for reading today's post, and stay tuned as I will be posting a photo of my christmas presents really soon :)

Love y'all
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