Thursday, January 3, 2013

030113 Purchases

So today I went the shops with my older sister and bought some stuff and since I said I'll start posting again, I decided to share it with you (photos will be at the bottom)

Product: Coffee with Marilyn and Shakespeare
So firstly I bought these two books from a variety store :) each contains the background of the person in the title but is set out as if that person is saying it to you over coffee :) I bought them because I thought they were quirky and interesting
Paid: $1 each

Product: Black Work Pants
I bought these pants for my upcoming workplacement as they are very strict on attire ... I bought a pair once but I hated the zipper bit and so these ones are stretchy pants with no button or zipper
Paid: $10 at Kmart

Product: Sunglasses
I bought these for my upcoming trip to Melbourne :) it's gonna be really sunny and my old ones have scratches so I bought 2 pairs one incase I lose or break the other one :)
Paid: $5 each at Kmart

Product: Box of rainbow nerds and curlywurly
I was really craving lollies today... And so I bought them, no real intention ... Lol
Paid: $2.50 for the nerds and 4 for $2 for the curlywurly

Thanks for reading today's post, and stay tuned as I will be posting a photo of my christmas presents really soon :)

Love y'all
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