Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Updates ... What's Coming Up?

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to make a quick post to apologise for not posting much in the last few days since my last post. Things have been getting a little crazy on my end with work and also i got really sick for the last couple of days and so i wasn't able to write but i'm feeling much better and hope to write more posts this week :)
I have wonderful posts to write to you all including:
- Review: of a series i had just finished (which i'm sure everyone has heard about )
-Update on the book i am currently reading and hoping to finish
-Book haul #2 (and possibly #3)
-Review: of a short story that i absolutely adore

so those are just a few things i will be writing about during this coming week and i hope to you guys will stay tuned :)

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