Sunday, March 23, 2014

Renovating My Blog

So it has been so long since i have even thought about writing a post but over the last few days i have been so eager to write but had no idea what to talk about .... UNTIL NOW :)

I used to write about my life on this blog which i don't regret although i know now i could of approached some topics without revealing too much personal information... since then i stopped writing in fear that i would offend or hurt more people than i really intended to...

I have decided to renovate the running of this blog now (partly because i am not bothered to make a completely new one and i wanna stay true to my blog that i've spent years writing on). I will still write every now and again about things in my life which you can also follow on my other sites (mainly my twitter or instagram) but it won't be as frequent as it used to be...

I'm so excited to be writing again :)

OKAY i better stop beating around the bush and get to the point right?!

SO... this blog will now mainly contain images of things i think are cool as well as talking about BOOKS!!!!! because if you know me personally or look at my instagram, you would be aware that i love books and have a problem when it comes to buying books hahaha.

So i will begin to write about books i wanna read, that i have read and books i own that i haven't read yet (which is like more than 70% of my collection)... I'll review books i've finished recently and in the past cause i'm always reading a new book every couple of weeks depending on how long it takes me to finish a story lol.

I will be beginning this journey with an introduction to my LARGE collection which contains over 1200 books (mixed fiction, children's books and non fiction books). So you can tell that it may take a while to get through them all. The posts will contain the following:

  • At least 10 books 
  • Images of the covers of each book
  • The blurb of each book or concept depending on the book (either taken from the book or from good reads)
  • My review (if i have read it) or why i bought it (if i haven't)
  • Where i got it from
To some the concept of my new blog may seem boring but i'm obsessed with books :) i have just recently discovered book haul and unboxing videos on youtube which i LOVE and hopefully will be able to share with you guys ones that i love the most :) I personally may not make any of this videos just cause i'd much rather write about it :)

I should probably mention that i work in a bookshop which is like a dream come true really cause i'm constantly surrounded by books but it also makes me buy so many books that i don't end up reading till later on cause i am just always looking out for more books when i haven't finished my current one haha. I just wanted to make this point to kinda make sense of why i have so many books but have only read a few of them (Don't worry i am making my way around to them) 

The way i will organise these posts is that i will have separate posts just for book series and my bundles posts will be of individual books that doesn't have a set, i figure it is just easier that way :)

Anyways i hope all of this explaining makes sense and i hope that i will be motivated enough to keep going with my blogging :)

I hope you stay posted and i will post my first new blog in the next couple days if not today :) 

Love anyone who still supports me even till now and anyone who may just stumble upon me in passing :)

Keep posted ;) <3 div="">